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Kelly Reichardt with A24 

world premire at Cannes 2022 in competition

 domestic premiere at NYFF 2022

An artist on the verge of a career-changing exhibition finds inspiration in the chaos of life.

Showing Up
Showing Up

Written and directed by NYU MFA candidate Terrence Shu

coming soon

All My Happy Memories
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Pancakes is a coming of age short film by NYU MFA candidate Kaili Torres. Pancakes explores what happens when someone you love falls ill and the repercussions it has on childhood.

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a play by Matthew Gasda

Yet love persists in impossibility.I take that to be Charlotte’s final gesture, at the play’s ending, in what appears to be Mar’s (quite arresting) improvisation:The hallucinated Charlotte runs back to Anna at the last minute, takes her hands in her own, smiles, and says, in what is the play’s final line,

“Hi, Mama.”


 "Izabel Mar in her Seattle Rep debut, skillfully personifies one of the most formidable characters in the Shakespearean canon." 

 Mac Beth 

 Frances returns to a supermarket in the middle-of-nowhere California to receive a prophecy after receiving one as a teenager, where she finds an army of young women frequently left in charge of the store.

Joan of Arc
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