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galatea 2.0

by Sophie Dushko

dir. C.C. Kellogg

Brooklyn Art Haus

"... in a magnificently arresting monologue performance by Mar"

"Mar and Santvoord deliver nuanced performances. Mar is not afraid to make a mess on stage, which is a thrill to watch."

'Joan of Arc in a Supermarket in California'

by Chloe Xtina

'The drama-school dropout Emmalee (Izabel Mar) uses the key that comes with being Employee of the Month to sneak into the supermarket at night and leave her pheromones all over the produce. (“Hey Gretchen,” she pants with grinning, demonic energy, “Guess what I did with this kiwi? I rubbed it on my fucking neck!"'



by Matthew Gasda

"Gasda’s Dover succeeds at creating a tragic plot structure around a torquing love story, between Charlotte and Anna, that paints the mother as tragic in her scintillating hypocrisy. Their love’s recurring leaps toward and past each other are ongoing dashes of failed valor."


Mac Beth

Seattle Repertory Theatre

dir. Erica Schmidt

"Izabel Mar as Lady Macbeth was perhaps my favorite, if a favorite is possible from this cast. The 400-year old lines dripped from her lips as if they truly were her very own thoughts."

"Lady Macbeth, played by local actress Izabel Mar in her Seattle Rep debut, skillfully personifies one of the most formidable female characters in the Shakespearean canon... she takes on Lady Macbeth’s emasculating, shrewd nature and ultimate descent into madness so skillfully that, despite her evil, it is almost disappointing to see such a strong character fall."


"Lady Macbeth, Izabel Mar, who gives her play-within-a-play performance as a normally shy girl venting her suppressed adolescent fury through the “Macbeth” game. She growls her most infamous line — about her willingness to nurse a baby, look at it smiling in her face, and smash its brains out — with convincing venom."

The accomplished acting of the cast soon dispels any such notion. Each girl is totally committed to every line spoken on the stage. Most remarkable to me were the performances of Izabel Mar as Lady Macbeth, Tamsen Glaser as Banquo and Laakan McHardy as Witch 2... You could light a city from the electricity emanating from the stage in this play. It was as if the classic lines from the script were born and heard anew when presented by this fresh-faced cast."

Mac Beth

Red Bull Theatre

dir. Erica Schmidt

Best Revival - Lucille Lortel Award 2020 Nominated

Outstanding Revival of a Play - Drama Desk Award 2020 Nominated

Outstanding Direction of a Play - Drama Desk Award 2020 Nominated

Outstanding Scenic Design - Drama Desk Awards 2020 Nominated

NY Times Critics Pick

Observer Review

Theater Mania

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