Mac Beth

Seattle Repertory Theatre

dir. Erica Schmidt

"Lady Macbeth, played by local actress Izabel Mar in her Seattle Rep debut, skillfully personifies one of the most formidable female characters in the Shakespearean canon... she takes on Lady Macbeth’s emasculating, shrewd nature and ultimate descent into madness so skillfully that, despite her evil, it is almost disappointing to see such a strong character fall."

"Lady Macbeth, Izabel Mar, who gives her play-within-a-play performance as a normally shy girl venting her suppressed adolescent fury through the “Macbeth” game. She growls her most infamous line — about her willingness to nurse a baby, look at it smiling in her face, and smash its brains out — with convincing venom."

"Izabel Mar as Lady Macbeth was perhaps my favorite, if a favorite is possible from this cast. The 400-year old lines dripped from her lips as if they truly were her very own thoughts."




Delaware: Resident Ensemble Players

dir. Jackson Gay

"There’s not a false move or a dramatic misstep from anyone in the company, including the director... Every character has strengths and weaknesses, but here every actor is strong... The clarity and singleness of purpose from every company member serves this remarkable play with a first-rate production."


Seattle Public Theater

dir. Kelly Kitchens

 "Izabel Mar impresses as the effervescent and mathematically precocious 13-year-old Thomasina."

"Izabel Mar, playing the young, intelligent Thomasina Coverly, is especially deserving of praise. Her accuracy and spirit in the first act of the play was without equal."

Scarlet Letter

Intiman Theatre

dir. Lear DeBessonet

"Izabel Mar as the young Pearl gave the strongest, most vital and interesting performance in the play. Her Pearl was complicated, imperfect, beguiling and bewitching and the 12 year old actress playing her was always clearly focused and commanding. Pearl has a scene where she has a dancing “tantrum” and it was the only moment in the production where I felt SOMETHING come alive and I got chills down my neck. It’s a excellent performance and Ms Mar is a young actress to watch."